Adding a Virtual Pet to Your Blog

Adopt a Virtual Pet – Step by Step Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the pet you want.
  3. Customize your pet (pet’s name, your first name/nickname, your pet’s color). Click Finish.
  4. Where do you want to put your pet? Click on Other Sites (gray bar).
  5. The embed code will appear in the box. Click Copy Code.
  6. Sign into your Edublogs blog and open your Dashboard.
  7. Click on Appearance. Click on Widgets.
  8. Under Available Widgets, click and drag the Text box into your Sidebar. (If you want your pet at the top of your page, click and drag to the top. You decide where in the sidebar you’d like your pet to appear.)
  9. Fill in the Title. Here on my page, the title is: Meet Our Virtual Pet, Jaron! Your title is yours to choose.
  10. Next, paste the embed code that you’ve copied into the box below. Do this by holding down Command+V or Control+V, depending on whether you’re working on a Mac or a PC.
  11. Click Save and Close.
  12. Now, at the top of your page, under the green Choose Your Theme bar, click on View Your Blog.
  13. How does your pet look? If your pet is too large for your sidebar, you’ll want to adjust the width and height.
  14. To adjust the width and height of your virtual pet, reopen Widgets. Click on the Text box you’ve just created. Open to full view by clicking on the small arrow on the right. Now, scan the embed code for the height and width. Highlight these one at a time and change the sizing. If the original size is 300X250, you might reduce to 250X200. You may need to experiment to find just the right combination. Save and review until you have the dimensions that work best.